Ratzburg Controls, Inc. was established as a part time industrial controls design business by Daniel Ratzburg in 1985.  Part time success led to a full time business in October 1988.  Leased office space, and control panel assembly in Dan’s condo & grandpa’s garage, was soon followed by an office/shop in Mequon, Wisconsin (3 Years), a larger office/shop in Cedarburg, Wisconsin (3 years),  an office/shop in Jackson, Wisconsin (5 years) and finally an even larger office/shop at our present location on Center Street in Jackson, Wisconsin (4 years).  We continue today to provide cost effective automated control systems design, programming, assembly and wiring services.


Ratzburg Controls, Inc. provides expert automated control systems design and control panel manufacturing services.  Systems we have designed and built control automotive assembly machines, automated welding machines, robotic welding and assembly cells, water treatment systems, batching processes, industrial mixers, impregnation systems, machine tools, material handling systems, and assembly machines.  The following list summarizes some of our capabilities.

  1. -Turnkey design and assembly of automated control and data acquisition systems.

  2. -Expert PLC programming (AB, Automation Direct, GE, Modicon, Omron, SQ-D, Siemens).

  3. -Expert HMI programming (AB, Modicon, GE, Automation Direct, Idec, Eaton).

  4. -Control network implementation (EthernetIP, DH+, DeviceNet, Profibus, Remote I/O).

  5. -Machine controls upgrade.

  6. -On-site machine wiring.

  7. -Standard and custom control panel assembly and wiring.

  8. -Control Panel UL Listing.


  1. -Machine Controls (Multi-Station Machines, Automated Machines, Robot Integration, Test Machines, Servo System Integration, Pick and Place Machines, Machine Control Upgrades, PLC Replacement, Prototypes, etc).

  2. -Process Controls (Clarifiers, Chemical Feed Systems, Filters, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Deionizers, Ion Exchangers, Pump Controls, Industrial Waste Treatment Systems, Industrial Oven Systems, PID Control, etc).

  3. -Material Handling System Controls (Parts Tracking, Traffic Control, Conveyor Control, Robot Integration, Unstackers, Stackers, etc).